A pigs head for a horse’s ass ….

Speaker Pelosi’s house vandalized with graffiti, pig head: reports

The graffiti included two marks typically associated with anarchism


I would say this is apropos!! If the conditions fits, might as well own them.

While this political pig Nasty Nan is sitting at the big buffet table of life stuffing her face along with all of her other swine cronies, many citizens have gone hungry because of her. I would say the pigs head left in her driveway is very fitting, and possibly a horses head should have gone along with it to make the message clear.

How these parasitic politicians can not be ashamed to collect a paycheck is beyond me.

Many Middle-Class Americans Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck - The Atlantic

I wonder if N N called on the cops; the people she and some other wack job politicians are calling for their defunding, or went after the graffiti artist on her own?? I will take door #1.

There has to be a way to get to these greedy bastards attention, maybe this is it.

Years back I was having a conversation with a union business agent in a restaurant (his wife happened to be with him). I told the guy; when the union go on strike and the workers pay stops, the agents should have their pay cut off until the strike is settled. If his old lady had a gun in her purse, I would not be sitting here pounding the keys.

Just like in the union reps case, if their pay was cut, the politicians would settle the matter at WARP SPEED.

It is amazing how their prospective changes when the shit hits the fan in their backyard.

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