What does it take to #retaliatein-kind???

Portland police declare riot as city’s unrest carries into new year

“Participants have thrown multiple firebombs at officers,” the city’s police department wrote on Twitter

The media calls them participants; I called them #disgraceful pieces of #reprobate that should not have any rights with this kind of behavior. I say fight fire with fire.

Why the government can't stop Elon Musk's flamethrower - Business Insider
Call the Marines in to straight their ass out

I will tell you who should be on the front line instead of the cops, the imbeciles that are on the city council. Than we would see what kind of defense they would put up to save their cowardly asses. Who in their right mind would approve or ignore this type of madness?

Horrifying moment two female riot cops burst into flames in petrol bomb  attack as Chile protests erupt

Even the dumbest #son-of-a-bitch on the council knows that this is #inhuman #behavior and needs to be dealt with in kind. These degenerate rioter do not understand anything but tactics as violent or more violent than theirs.

Non-Citizen Voting in Portland about to become a problem for all of Maine –  here's why

Talk about a rouges gallery; of #ignorant #son-of-a-bitches. The rioters need to #burn-down-their-houses and we would see how soon those fake smiles would soon disappear.

Businesses leaving downtown Portland over ‘lawlessness’: report | Fox Business

Folks, this is not a normal, #rational or #logical way of thinking not to punish law breakers for the crimes they commit. Worse yet, putting hand cuffs on the good cops that are trying to protect and serve, including (even the bums).

Whomever or whatever is at the root of the problem; this type of lawlessness should not be tolerated. What have some of the people in this country turned into?? Even a #savage would not throw a #fire-bomb at another human-being.

End result beside destruction and chaos; mass exodus. People that spent their entire life trying to build a business or a #safe-place-to-live, having it destroyed in a matter of minutes by rioters and their enablers and are getting our of Dodge.

The old saying; SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT!! Respond in kind with the proper defense they understand or get gobbled up. Never go to a #gun-fight with a stick.

Who in the hell would want to be a cop under these conditions, but some very solid citizens and dedicated people. I would not blame any or all of them if they all caught THE BLUE FLU and let the rioters have at it.

Very sad times we are living in. The authorities better get a handle on it, or it will spread like wild fire.

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