Same guy, just a different suit …

Gavin Newsom recall effort just got a major boost

The campaign to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom is picking up steam

In 2019 Newsom was elected to governor of California. He is the same guy now as he was then. He may have changed his skivvies in the interim, but that may be all. His ideologies are still the same, possibly worse now that he has the power, but the fool is a loose canon that does not even practice what he preaches.

Now that he has gone completely haywire, many of the citizens are sick of his unorthodox of governing and want to show him the back door.

That is the major problem with the radicals (they like to be called progressive), they are half nuts. They bullshit their way into politics with all kinds of preposterous promises, get elected and all of a sudden the go psycho and go off the deep end.

Now many of the fools that voted for him want him out of office, having to spend millions tiring to extract him. They finally woke up to the fact the; all that glitters is not gold.

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As I have eluded to many times; most of the people do not follow politics and just vote for the person because they like the way they look, how they dress, who their friends voted for, or the have a catchy (famous) last name . Does Cuomo or Kennedy ring a bell. Then they are stuck with them for the duration.

If I had to wager; I would say that Newsom is there to stay. It is as rare as hens teeth to oust someone after their incompetent ass gets the most X’s.

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Cousins possibly???

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