Who needs enemies with friends like them ….

Trump lashes out at Republicans after they override his veto


Who needs enemies with friends like them???

As far as I am concerned, the days of political loyalty are long over. In the good old days when men were men and women acted like ladies, there was a degree of faithfulness between HONORABLE people that does not exist today. Now it is every man and women for themselves.

If you want a visual; envision the stampede that takes place of Black Friday when all the animals are let out of their cages. In some cases as this, there are people trampled to death.

This animalistic behavior is very similar to how the politics operates. There are very few people in politics that will support a supposed friend when the chips are down. They trample each-other like a Black Friday sale.

If nothing else, PDT has learned who he can count on and who he can’t. What is ironic; before The Donald became PDT; because he was so wealthy and connected, he had many of these same turn-coat hypocrites standing in line to kiss his billionaire ass.

It is so easy to take sides when the sun is shining, but as soon as the clouds appear, and the shit hits the fan, all of your supposed loyalist magically vanish. Such is society in the year 2020.

So goes politics – so goes the USA. Loyalty among thieves is a thing of the past, never to return. It is every man and women for themselves; most of the time leaning toward the highest bidder.

I still say; I have never seen any person take the abuse Trump has and still comes back swinging. If that does not tell something about the man, nothing does.

As far as his supposed supporters, all if the Benedict Arnold’s should hang their heads in shame.

What is so peculiar; what Trump is pushing for in the stimulus package is absolutely looking out for the American people’s interest. What the other side is pushing, has too much pork in it and too many giveaways to foreign countries. This is a gigantic indicator of the socio/lefters illogical mentality on taking care of your own first.

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