It is a slap in the face – punch in the gut – kick in the nuts and an insult ……

President Trump signs COVID relief, spending bill averting shutdown. So what happens now?

This shows us a couple things.

1st; how despicable the socio/democrats are with the insulting package they threw together for the American people

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and shoved it down our throat’s, with their whore deals and special interests, being more concerned with foreigners than their own people.

It is a slap in the face – punch in the gut – kick in the nuts and an insult ……

How to Survive a Creative "Gut Punch" and Accept Negative Feedback |  ArchDaily

2nd; PDT put aside his ego by reluctantly signing the bill, all the while knowing it was not in the best for America. He could have dragged it out, but he knew the American people would have suffered for it. Not the politicians; their paychecks never stop. They made sure of that.

Congress gets paid during a shutdown, while staffers don’t … › news › wonk › 2013/10/01

Oct 1, 2013 — So why do members of the House and Senate still draw salaries during the … The current Congress can’t actually stop itself from getting paid. … (The Senate approved a similar bill in 2011, but the House never voted on it.) … election, but it could come in handy if there’s ever another shutdown in the future.

Talk about first rate hogs. Politicians credo.

How to Farm Pigs: Breeding | The Pig Site

A good leader always takes care of the troops first – a good father always makes sure his kids are fed before he eats!! We know the rest of the story.

I hope the fools that voted these other fools into office see where they stand in the socio/demo pecking order.

Organizational Chart -- Courtesy of The Freeman Institute...

Just another sad chapter in the historical log of American politics. Hold on to your sky piece and bonnet, the new book will be a doozy.

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