Let us start keeping score ….

Biden pledges tuition-free community college for all

Do politicians ever calculate the numbers before they make their off the wall commitments?? I doubt it.

But free college isn’t really free — someone has to pay for it. Eliminating tuition at all public colleges and universities would cost at least $79 billion a year, according to the most recent Department of Education data, and taxpayers would need to foot the bill.

79 billion dollar$. These political fools throw the M word – the B word and T word around like it is a piece of toilet paper. Where the hell does the M – B – & T numbers come from. Someone has to come shooting with the money and take a wide guess to see who it is. You got it right, the taxpayers. These are all hypothetical/off the wall promises, that for the most part are NEVER implemented. They are unreasonable and financially impossible.

I would rather see the 79 billion go toward something much more important, like repairing the crumbling infrastructure.

www.cbsnews.com › news › infrastructure-what-will-2-…

May 2, 2019 — America’s aging infrastructure: What would $2 trillion actually buy? … roads, highways and bridges — the costs for that could easily top $1 trillion. … roads, bridges, levees and other vital infrastructure are in dire need of repair. … or about 0.8 percent of U.S. gross domestic product, over 10 years — a much …

What good does it do to give someone a free education if the country they live in is in shambles. There are 10,000’s of 1,000’s people that take their lives in their hands daily when the travel across a bridge.

47,000 bridges

Bridges across the United States are deteriorating, and a new report estimates it will take more than 80 years to fix all of them. More than 47,000 bridges in the United States are in crucial need of repairs, says the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, or ARTBA. Apr 3, 2019

Bridge safety: It’ll take more than 80 years to repair the 47,000 …

Crumbling Infrastructure is Leaving Many States In Shambles …www.americanmanufacturing.org › blog › crumbling-i…

Aug 19, 2020 — Crumbling Infrastructure is Leaving Many States In Shambles, New … Study by 24/7 Wall Street ranks the states by the state of their roads, bridges, and rail. … But the 24/7 Wall Street study, published in USA Today, ranked …

The fools that hold the purse strings are cutting their lawn while their house is burning to the ground. Makes sense to me!!

Mowing the Lawn When the House Is On Fire - BSP NOVA

Where the hell has the commonsense gone in this country. Do the fools that have the power have any grasp of what the word priorities means?? It does not appear so. There should be a law against making political promises that can not be fulfilled. All the empty promises are, are a lot of hot air concocted as vote getters for the nimble-minded/gullible fools that believe any bullshit people throw at them.

Listen; since the beginning of time there are very few things that have not changed, and one of them is still, 2 + 2 = 4. the mathematics have never changes. The money for all the off the wall promises has to come from somewhere. You AXE where?? You the citizens of the country through taxes.

Isn’t it easy for politicians to tax people instead of doing their job and figuring out how to cut the pork that is killing the country. Financial problems are solved by saving pennies and the dollars will take care of itself. Focusing on the trillions and not the pennies’ is a huge mistake.

I would rather have my tax dollars go to a worthwhile causes than to pay for some knuckle kids (many are not) to party for 5 years in college.

We always have to remember one very important fact of life. The harder someone works toward their success, the more they appreciate it. If someone is handed everything in their life, FREE, they take it for granted and usually abuse it.

The politicians answer to these off the wall promises is, tax the rich to death?? There is a downside to that as well. That is the reason many companies moved out of the country is because they could not afford to survive in the USA. That was until Trump was elected and brought many of them home. If J J (Jokin Joe) gets his way, the exits well be a repeat performance.

Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin: How college-admissions scam …www.usatoday.com › news › education › 2019/03/12

Mar 12, 2019 — How scam worked to get rich kids into college. … faces: How feds say celebrities, coaches and scammers got kids into elite colleges … That meant parents would have to lie about their children’s having a learning disability.

Let the kids pay their own way through college; they will appreciate it much more.

How many cars should a parent give a kid that continues to wreck them??. If they bought the car themselves, there would not be a scratch on it.

Did it ever occur to the politicians to put restrictions on colleges as to how much they can charge someone to go to their school??

AYSM??? That just covers the tuition, not the party time that may double these numbers.

The only truthful statement 98% of politicians may say; I am a total bull-shitter.

J J; has to get real and cut out the bull shit. Even he should be smart enough to know, the $oldi has to come from somewhere.

I saw an interview with Ossico when she was AXED where the funds were going to come from to pay all of her bull-shit platform. She gave a brilliant answer. We haven’t got that far, but we always figure it out. That is the smartest and dumbest thing she ever said.

The tell tale clue is in her eyes

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all that believe.

To those that don’t, have a great day!! Stay healthy and let all of us do our part to kick Mr Corona’s ass. The way I see it, the invisible monster (I was the 1st to coin the term) will be here for years and possibly the duration. If not him, it may be a relative.

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