Charity should/must begin @ home ….

Kevin McCarthy slams Pelosi, calls for House GOP to reject foreign aid in coronavirus bill

Let me put this plain and simple terminology so even the fools in DC can grasp the meaning. When a man’s family is starving to death they do not go to the other side of town and give all of their food away. If that is too difficult to understand, I don’t know how I could put it in much simpler terms.

Here are a list of items — other than the main COVID-19 relief — the bill contains:

  • $4 billion for New York’s MTA as part of bailouts for mass-transit systems.
  • $15 billion earmarked toward grant programs for live entertainment venues such as Broadway.
  • $7 billion toward expanding broadband access.
  • $1.4 billion for a construction of a wall on the southern US border.
  • A new law saying that violating copyright laws with unauthorized online streaming will become a felony punishable by five years in prison for first offenses and 10 years for repeat offensives. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) pushed the provision.
  • A rule saying the US Postal Service can no longer deliver e-cigarettes.
  • New museums on the National Mall that will focus on Latinos and women, which were pushed by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY).  
  • A declaration condemning a possible role by the Chinese Communist Party in the selection of Tibet’s next Dalai Lama. The current Tibetan Buddhist religious leader is 85.
  • $500 million  earmarked for Israeli defense purchases, including to equip the Iron Dome missile defense system.
  • $250 million over five years for Palestinian economic aid, which was pushed by New York Democratic Rep. Nita Lowey.
  • $101 million to combat “the transnational threat of wildlife poaching and trafficking.”
  • $2.5 million for “Internet freedom programs in closed societies”
  • $10 million for “gender programs” meant to help women get education and start businesses in Pakistan.

AYSM!! 99% of these items have no relevance in relief for the America people??

When is the 1st or last time any foreign country gave the USA a helping hand because we have people starving an sleeping under bridges?? What the hell is the matter with these over paid – under worked suits and skits in DC. Are they out of their mind?? By all of the idiotic shenanigans they pull, I guess the answer is yes.

Ladies and gents; these items are what is holding up the stimulus package that many need so desperately. As I eluded to many times; TDGAF because it does not affect them. Whether it is passed tomorrow or next year, these hogs will never miss a meal.

$15 billion earmarked toward grant programs for live entertainment venues such as Broadway???

$10 million for “gender programs” meant to help women get education and start businesses in Pakistan

Come onnnnnn. GMAFB!! It is not the responsibility of the USA to finance the Pakistani women causes. It would be a great gesture, if the USA is flush – which we are not.

The only way to solve this dilemma we have in DC is to fire them all and regroup. They are totally out of control and out of touch with what the average American person is going through.

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Without a cold heart; I say, fix our problems at home 1st; after that is accomplished we can then start being Santa Claus to all the people in other countries.

We should ALWAYS use Trump’s slogan; MAKE AMERICA FIRST. We should never metaphorically empty our refrigerator, pass all the food out to the neighborhood if our own kids are staring. How hard is that to understand.

One of the most well know facts; a good chuck of the money we send to other countries NEVER reaches the intended party. What is not sent back to the American politicians that set up the whore deal in the way of kick-backs, it is chopped up among some of the thieves in the country we sent it to.

 Given the $161 billion global aid business, an average of (say) five percent being lost to corruption adds up to around $8 billion—a real loss. But not the $113 billion that would be suggested by Senator Paul’s figure.

I agree with Senator Paul, the numbers are a lot higher.

A poll should be taken among the American people and AXE them their feelings about these gigantic giveaways.

CountryEconomic and Military Assistance FY 2017, $US millionsAid received per capita FY 2017, $USEconomic Assistance FY 2017, $US millionsMilitary Assistance FY2017, $US millions
South Sudan924.1073.48913.3710.73
South Africa511.489.02510.630.85
Congo (Kinshasa)493.956.07489.724.23

Why are we giving Israel 3.71 billion dollar$. They should be funding us.

The poverty level for a family of 4 is 26,299.00$. That is very sad. How do the politicians explain to these people that they are giving away?? They don’t.

The FY 2019 President’s Budget for the State Department and USAID is $39.3 billion, which includes $16.8 billion in assistance that USAID fully or partially manages through the Economic Support and Development Fund, Global Health Programs, Transition Initiatives, International Disaster Assistance, and USAID operational …Nov 12, 2019

How do the American people that live at the poverty level like those apples??

Many people throw stones or roll boulders at successful people and are envious. The majority of the wealthy people busted the ass for what they have (excluding the pampered ones that got their money from daddy) and they deserve to reap the benefits from their hard work. Where is it written that they are compelled or expected to give away their hard earned money?? If they chose to, that is commendable, but it should not be mandatory.

For all of the politicians that are in favor of the BIG GIVE AWAY, how many of them would give 20% or even 10% of their wealthy away??

I say:

Bah Humbug Auction – 27 January | ASTRA Community Projects – Bow Brickhill

Charity should/must begin @ home!!

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