A serpent in serpent’s clothing …

There are absolutely no boundaries to the cronyism and corruption in this country.

This is the same serpent supposed holy man that locked the doors of his church when victims of the hurricane needed shelter. Does it surprise you??

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Life is pretty tough for the silver tongued conman
Joel Osteen calls claim he shut church doors on Harvey victims 'a false  narrative' - The Washington Post

Joel Osteen calls claim he shut church doors on Harvey victims

http://www.washingtonpost.com › acts-of-faith › 2017/08/29

Aug 29, 2017 — Joel Osteen calls claim he shut church doors on Harvey victims ‘a … People are saying we’ve locked the church,” he told The Washington Post.

Joel Osteen faces criticism on social media for closing …

abcnews.go.com › story

Aug 28, 2017 — Joel Osteen, the famed pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, is defending himself after … When @JoelOsteen has a gigantic church and 10 mil home in Houston but is only offering … “We have never closed our doors.

Why Did Joel Osteen Shut His Doors During Hurricane Harvey …

http://www.pastemagazine.com › politics › why-did-joel-oste…

Aug 29, 2017 — Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, a 16,800-seat indoor arena, announced on Facebook that it was “inaccessible … Why are your doors locked?

Phony Joel should only get his 4 million in aid when J J Biden’s kid get prosecuted.


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