Like they never happened –

Chicago area prosecutor wants to wipe records for marijuana dealers; Cocaine & heroin could be next

Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx looks to make it ‘easier’ to expunge records

Hon. Kim Foxx - City Club of Chicago

“We should also make it easier for those who had those sales convictions for higher amounts to also be able to have their convictions vacated automatically,” Foxx said. “No, they didn’t have a license. And no, it wasn’t legal. But it was the only economy that they had,” she said, noting that legal pot firms are now “doing the exact same thing and making a ton of money.”

Lets put this in perspective. Selling babies – making kiddies porn – marketing young kids into prostitutions , they are all illegal offenses. BUTT if that is the way some degenerates chose to supplement their livelihood, according to Kimo, we can make them forgivable offenses.

It is a shame that the white offenders do less time than the black, but that should be a matter the courts should take up. I don’t think that is fair, BUTT there is a solution.

I recommended years ago on the Goomba Gazette; all crime throughout the USA, whether they happen in Alaska or California should have the same penalty, no exceptions. That would eliminate crooked judges and wack-job lawmakers like Kimo FOXXX and Billy Boy (AKA Warren Welham) DeBlastio from being on the take or making deliberate bad decisions.

Lets face it folks. The law is the law and should be steadfastly obeyed. I do agree; if it is legal for controlled seller to dispense Mary Jane, then it should be legal for hustlers to do the same. What the government is most concerned with, they are not getting their cut in the way of taxes. Make it legal for drug dealers to operate, as long as they are registered and pay their taxes.

There basically is a solution to most problems in the world, as long as the lawmakers inconvenience themselves and get their

Who would Kimo Foxx feel if one of the bad boys was selling her kids some weed?? Who the hell knows were it came from and how clean it is.

These young, highflying, hot shot left-winger socialist are bound and determined to run the USA into the ground. Believe me what I tell you folks; if they are left to their own devises, sooner or later they #WILL-TAKEOVER. Take a good look at Seattle and Portland. If left unchecked, the movement will eventually spread to every city in the USA. Take a good look at who J J is being told to put in his cabinet; all 100% left wingers.

Meet the contenders for Biden's Cabinet - POLITICO
Seattle City Council Members - CityArchives |

They are all distant cousins with the same demented mentality. People like these are hard at work trying to take down the USA. Left unchecked, they will succeed.

You think I am exaggerating??

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Jun 11, 2020 — The people of Seattle need to wake up: In the face of violence, their government is willing to abandon them to the mercies of a pack of invaders.

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Sep 8, 2020 — The narrative that Seattle is a city of mayhem and lawlessness wasn’t created … they successfully pushed for the Seattle City Council to reduce the … though the ordinance passed, a full-time worker who now makes $15 an …

What more proof do you need to see what direction the country is going??

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