Busting The Judo Guy balls???? Gotta watch you own ..

Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny dupes spy into revealing how he was poisoned

If a person is an advisory of the Judo Guy; their skivvies are not even off limits. The guy will do whatever he feels necessary and get them one way or another. Leave it to the ex-KGB chief being creative with his techniques of eliminating his critics by poisoning their underpants. Who would look there??

Alexey Navalny has long been a thorn in the side of President Vladimir Putin, exposing corruption in high places and campaigning against the ruling United Russia party. When Putin feels threatened, he calls in the big guns.

Some people think that Trump was rough. All he did was steamroll his critics; The Judo Guy rubs the out.

I can tell, he is out of gas – you can bet they let the boss win.

Putin essentially confirmed last week that FSB agents tailed Navalny but said if Russia had wanted him dead, “they would’ve probably finished it.”

So you think politics is rough and corrupted in the USA.

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