Who put sand in her Vasolive ????

President Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, says her ‘cruel and traitorous’ uncle belongs in prison

In this undated photo is Mary Trump, niece of President Donald Trump, who wrote a book about the president and is penning another about America's history of trauma.

This is one pissed off lady. Is she telling the truth about Uncle Donald or is she an opportunist looking to make a score?? Possibly a little of each.


“If anybody deserves to be prosecuted and tried, it’s Donald,” she added. ”(Otherwise) we just leave ourselves open to somebody who, believe it or not, is even worse than he is.”

“This is somebody who’s never won legitimately in his life,” she said. “But he’s never lost either. Because in his view, winning is so important. And he always deserves to win that it’s okay to lie, cheat and steal.”

You show me a billionaire that did not lie, cheat or steal to get where they are. People that are worth billions, have a tendency not to be the most honest people on the planet. Unless they inherited their fortunes, they pulled every trick in the book to gain their success.

What many people fail to realize, people that become president, it is NOT who they are – where they came from – who their granddaddy was, it is all about doing the job they were elected for.

Is Trump a poor loser – is he used to ALWAYS getting his way – does his personality have a lot to be desired; maybe yes in all brackets. The only important issue should be; did he do what he said he would when elected?? That is what he did and more. Can we even imagine what he could have accomplished if he was treated fairly and had some co-operation??

If I were a betting man; I would guess Mary Trump will not be invited to Christmas dinner with PDT and the family. It is a shame to see families divided.

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1 Response to Who put sand in her Vasolive ????

  1. Some of what she talked about in her book was feasible. But some of it was out of her personal vengeance because of their upbringing and family dynamics.

    (How his older brother was treated. DJT was not the first round draft pick, his brother was then things fell apart. Fred Sr made DJT who he is and he is worse for it. I honestly feel for the man. He never had his own dreams, outside of what his narcisism sent him to.)

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