Playing politics with everyone’s life …..

ALC pushes for COVID-19 vaccine to low-income minorities ……

Dec 07, 2020 · AUSTIN, Texas — The Austin Latino Coalition is pushing for the City of Austin to offer the COVID-19 vaccine to low-income minorities first once it becomes available. The coalition is on the City’s…

COUNTERPOINT: Minorities should move to front of COVID-19 ……

Dec 10, 2020 · Such plans combine science and ethics to decide who will get the first doses. Crafting a COVID-19 vaccine allocation policy that acknowledges trying to address health inequities is a …

AYSM??? I agree that essentials should be vaccinated first, nurses – doctors- emergency people – even cops that have been exposed to the animal rioters in the streets on a daily basis. After that, there should be NO preferential treatment extended to any groups of people based on some dead-beat politician’s opinion.

Take the politics and ass-kissing/pandering out of this medical crisis by favoring selective groups. Social status and wealth also should not be pushed to the front of the line.

All men are created equal and should be treated that way.

If this insanity ever comes to fruition; there should be a revolution among the white race in this country to stand up for their rights. Inch by inch – foot -by foot – yard by yard – mile by mile, the takeaways will never end.

Does this president do for other catastrophes in the country if they occur; putting the minorities before the white man every time?? If that does not piss of million of white folks, there is something wrong with them!!

Next will be the illegals?????????????

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