He’s a #grown-man, he is the #smartest-man I know.

In an interview, this is J J’s take on The Brat: “I have, we have, great confidence in our son,” Biden responded. “I am not concerned about any accusations being made against him. It’s used to get to me. I think it’s kind of foul play but look, it is what it is and he’s a grown man, he is the smartest man I know. I mean, from a pure intellectual capacity – and as long as he’s good, we’re good.”


Hold on J J; (the smartest man you know) you just insulted the hell out of a lot of people you have come in contact with your entire life. That is a pretty broad statement comparing your son; who is up to his eyeballs in an #alligator-pit; #legally, #morally, a #drunk, a #drug-addict, #liar and a #phlanddler. So tell me; based on those FACTS, just how smart is the kid??

Things My Father Taught Me: Joe and Hunter Biden on Family Bonds

Gotta have a good memory and remember what you put in ink or on video!!

Speaking of smart; J J and some members of his family are not smart enough to use as an example all of the criminals in politics that came before them. They denied – denied – denied to the hilt, until they were finally exposed, making their lies even #worse.

10 Notorious Political Lies Told In The World – EListMania


Sooner or later, the hammer is going to drop and the truth will be told, making them look 1,0000% worse than they did from the onset.

Telling the truth in some circumstances is less painful than lying.

Is it possible (I don’t think so) that politicians are so used to lying that they do not realise they are doing it?? It has become so #ingrained in them, it is an #automatic.

J J – Hunter and many of their family members are guilty as sin. It is about time they come clean, take their lumps and march on. There is very little in life that is as embarrassing as being caught in a lie. Right Billy Boy!!


Lies can be categorized in stages like sins. According to the RIGHT HANDERS there are #venial sins (less severe) and then there are #mortal sins (more severe in nature). What the Bindens are caught up fall under the door #2 category, and should carry some #severe-consequences for breaking the law and lying.

I will never believe that J J is going to let his kid go it alone. He has been defending The Brats misdeeds all of his life. If J J would have let the kid take his lumps a few times, he may have turned out to be a stand-up citizen. It is called #tough-love.

In the United States, the general perjury statute under federal law classifies perjury as a felony and provides for a prison sentence of up to five years.
Perjury – Wikipedia

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