Catch me when I faint ….

Joe Biden praises President Trump for ‘getting the vaccine moving’

GMAFB – after all the torment J J and his sheep put Trump through; his compliment does have much meaning.

I think what he’s done … has been positive,” Biden told host Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show”

Whenever all the smoke clears, and these fools want to be honest ( a cold day in hell); there are multitudes of accomplishment PDT made while in office. Now, if we are worried about personalities, that may be a different issue. Is he right all the time?? hell not, BUTT who is. Let us start keeping score with all of J J’s F-ups.

They were all afraid of Trump and for good reason. He was the new guy in town, an outsider – didn’t owe anybody anything – didn’t take bribes – was a great patriot – was going to clean the swamps of all the old BAU routine and MAKE AMERICA FIRST. BUTT who in their right mind could deny Trump his WARP SPEED accomplishment?? Taking this a few steps further; we have to truthfully say that Trump saved 100’s of 1,000’s – possibly millions of lives buy cutting out the DC red tape and getting the job done. That in itself may be one of the greatest feats in all of American politics.


In my opinion; the acknowledgement J J gave to PDT was a LEFT-HANDED COMPLIMENT.

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