J J going to the wall for The Brat; probably more to save his ass …

Biden says ‘I’m confident’ Hunter did nothing wrong, amid federal probe into ‘tax affairs’ https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-says-im-confident-hunter-did-nothing-wrong-amid-federal-probe-into-tax-affairs

In this Nov. 7, 2020, file photo, President-elect Joe Biden, right, embraces his son Hunter Biden, left, in Wilmington, Del. Biden’s son Hunter says he has learned from federal prosecutors that his tax affairs are under investigation. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool)

Talk about a double standard. The liberal/left media has tried to all but ignore the drama in Hunter Biden’s life by poor or no coverage at all. They feel if they press J J on the issues, he may have their microphones shut off and restrict their access to him.

That was the direct opposite and did not prevent that parasite Jim Acosta and the other news vultures/hounds from unmercifully grilling PDT every chance he got. Honestly; I thing based on all the ball busting PDT took from the press, he was too gracious to them.

If the brat goes down, so goes his old man. I think JJ is more concerned about saving his own ass than if his kid going to The Gallows.

If all the permissive – over indulging – protective parents in the world want to see what a train wreck looks like, and a great example of what the payback is for raising a bum; take a good look at this dynamic duo. If the parent is as much of a fool as the kid, that is the perfect marriage.


Hunter Biden in 2017 sent ‘best wishes’ from ‘entire Biden family’ to China firm chairman, requested $10M wire

Correspondence between Hunter Biden and CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming from 2017 shows President-elect Joe Biden’s son extending “best wishes from the entire Biden family,” and urging the chairman to “quickly” send a $10 million wire to “properly fund and operate” the Biden joint venture with the now-bankrupt Chinese energy company.

To be fair, the transaction was never made, but still shows the involvement and the brotherhood between the two camps.

All of the allegations about The Brat are not just allegations, they are facts. Many documented in email and other correspondences. Like the laptop the fool (Hunter) dropped off at the repair shop and forgot to pick it up. The guy should have been a rocket scientist!!

The owner of the shop was able to open the laptop; the incriminating information he found could have sunk 5 Titanics. But, what does the J J camp do, their classic ; deny – deny – deny. The Brat insists he never dropped off his laptop at the repair shop. What about camera surveillance?

How Did Hunter Biden’s Laptop Allegedly Go from a Repair Shop in Delaware to the New York Post? (snopes.com)

The fact of the matter is, most people and news agencies are fearful of bumping heads with J J for fear of retaliations.

How does our screwed up society reward crooks that are CONNECTED; they promote them, hide them or elect them to the presidency.

What is the likelyhood of The Brat ever swinging for his misdeeds: little to none. At least while his daddy is sitting in The Big Chair.

The saga deepens.

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