MJB; talks about an unprecedented assault …..


In his most forceful condemnation to date, Biden described the president’s persistent efforts to reverse the election results as an “unprecedented assault on our democracy.”

JMB; wants to talk about unpresidented assaults; the fact of the matter is, their low blows – dirty pool – backstabbing – rolling boulders – unadulterated ballbusting – doing a PEARL HARBOR every chance they got; now MJB who has a giant set of goolunies, wanting to make peace.

News Anchors Can't Stop Laughing at Pig's Massive Balls

Long before Donald Trump put his hand on the bible; the #ESTABLISHMENT had it out for #THE-OUTSIDER that was coming in and going #upset their #corrupted apple cart. They did not want a #new-comer coming in and putting an end to the #piracy and changing their #BAU that has been going on for decades. On both sides of the isle; they are all crooks; only difference is, some are bigger crooks than the other.

Joe Biden | Other Public Figures | Illuminidol

This assault lasted for 4 years and is still going on. BUTT now M J B (Mumbling Joe Biden) wants to put on a halo or smoke a peace pipe and pretend that their bombardment never happened. GMAFB

It is shameful that MJB and his socialist henchmen are trying so hard to dismantle everything positive that PDT so skillfully put together. Why not shit can the police; who the hell needs them??

Image result for riot torn cities
Image result for riot torn cities

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