Only a #response an #idiot would give …..

Fox News asked Joe Biden if his son committed a crime. Here's his response
Look like J J has a better dentist – I call it the store bought smile.

Fox News asked Joe Biden if his son committed a crime. Here’s his response

I have said enough on the J J and The Brat pathetic topic. What else is there to say??

Like father like son.

With all of the allegations against The Brat, the only answer J J ever gave was; he is proud of his son!! GMAGFB. You wonder why The Brat is a train wreck.

One other thing that really jumped out to me when I read it. When J J was AXED about The Brat having an affair with his dead brothers wife; J J gave him one of these:

a big Thumbs Up! | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images
At a boy; a chip off the old block.

This guy soon will soon be the #leader of the #USA???? #Heaven #help #us.

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