Need your pool scrubbed lady?????

Falwell Says Wife’s Affair Contributed To Depression

GMAFB. If every women that was depressed had an affair with the pool boy; they better find a new shrink.

Psychiatrist Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock

Mrs. Jerry Falwell, the wife of a very high ranking minister, admitted she had an affair with the pool boy a few years back. Best of all (according to the pool boy) the preacher, her old man, had a ringside seat and watched his wife and the pool scrubber getting it on.

Jerry Falwell Disputes Pool Boy's Sexual Relationship Allegation |

If these allegations are true, it baffles me that the sinning preachers in this country and elsewhere still maintain their status in the ministry. The flock keeps dropping the envelopes in the basket.

One would think – that one would think; before getting involved in these illicit sexual relationships, they would think of how embarrassing it will be for their family when the media gets ahold of it. There goes the club memberships.

Jerry Falwell Jr.'s Kids Are Caught up in His Sex and Blackmail Scandal

I guess to some fools, the temptation to them is worth the risk.

I have to wonder if the REVS hid in a closet or pulled his chair right up next the bed for a birds eye view?? Freaky if it is true.

The worst side to any accusation is; whether it is true or not, it sticks to the person like a tattoo for the rest of their lives.

Jerry Falwell Jr. has dropped a lawsuit against his former employer Liberty University that alleged the Christian school defamed him after he resigned as president amid a salacious sex scandal. I guess he saw the handwriting on the bible and decided to get out while the getting was good. Liberty University was founded by his father.

In August, Falwell, 58, left the famously ultra-conservative school started by his father, televangelist and modern religious-right co-founder Jerry Falwell Sr.

What inscription can he possibly write on his Father’s Day card to his father?? Wish you were here??

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