From Fox News – Trump says coronavirus vaccines to ‘end the pandemic,’ touts progress as ‘modern-day miracle’

Trump says coronavirus vaccines to ‘end the pandemic,’ touts progress as ‘modern-day miracle’

If nothing else, if nothing else, the only right thing to do would be to give Donald Trump credit for expediting the covid-19 drug medication.

As of yet I have not heard anyone from the other side compliment him for this Monumental achievement. By taking away all the red tape and ridiculous restrains on doing business with the government, PDT made it possible for the anti-virus drug to be produced at warp speed. I don’t know any other president would have had the knowledge of how to do it or the wherewithal to get it done.

That is where his wheeling-and-dealing expertise comes into play, Which has served him very well through the years.

This can be an example to all of the lame-brained politicians that achievements can be made in an expedient manner when necessary.

I have always been convinced these clowns in politics drag their activities out as long as possible to make them look more important and to create job security. They are pathetic.

The very least the competition can do is acknowledged the exceptional job that Trump did by getting the getting done in record time . An accomplishment no one would have thought possible.

I have said this many times before, does President Trump have numerous idiosyncrasies? You bet your ass he does. One thing that no one could ever take away from this man is his love of the United States of America and his patriotism. I still say when all the ashes cool off, the history books will show him as one of the most accomplished and productive presidents.

God bless Donald Trump God Bless the USA.

Can we even begin to imagine all of the Disastrous and deplorable conditions our country would be in if it was not for Donald Trump serving as president of the United States.

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