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President of Soros’ Open Society Foundations resigns, clearing way for potential Biden Cabinet position

The president of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Patrick Gaspard, will resign, opening the way for him to take a possible position in the Biden administration.

This is very similar to Tricky Dick Cheney quitting Halliburton to sit in the VP’s chair with George Sr. The damage that sadistic guy inflicted on the USA all in the name of BIG BUCK$ is immeasurable. Don’t let anyone kid you, Cheney held the reigns and GWB only went along for the ride. The wars he got us involved in, cost the country in lives and monetarily can not even be calculated.

One again, that move was in the works for years, and George Sr was at the helm. The only difference between the two scenarios; the Bush group were not socialists. Their moves were also motivated by money, power and control.

The president of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Patrick Gaspard, will resign, opening the way for him to take a possible position in the Biden administration.

George Soros is trying to change the system that made him › news › george-soros-is-trying-t…

George Soros is trying to change the system that made him rich. NewsTimes | 07-06. On a very warm day in late June 2019, I got onto the tram near the …

What have I been telling you folks; the fix has been in the works for years. The seeds have been planted and watered, now the time has come to pick the crop.


Is anyone foolish to believe that THE MOVEMENT just started last week?? This has been in the works for decades with the big money like Soros to destroy our democratic society and put in place a socialist government.


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SOROS and his crew are on the upper branches.

Soros message to the birds on the lower branches: Hang in there fellas, your day is coming. How soon is anyone guess.

They financed J J to the hilt – TOLD him who to pick as a running mate and have pulled him along all the while like a bull with a ring in his nose.

A brown bull wearing a harness being pulled by a nose ring Stock Photo -  Alamy

The real fireworks have yet to be ignited. Just wait until Car-mell starts throwing her weight around, that is going to be the real showstopper. I can just see the headline;

J J took a hike, President Car-mella Harris takes over.

Yesterday’s post:

Biden on Harris: If we have a ‘fundamental disagreement,’ then ‘I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign’

This was an actual quote by J J (then ‘I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign). He is putting his intentions/future right out there on front street, as a sacrificial lamb. Now that he has been elected, his foot is in the door, the rest will be history.

Let us start keep score and see who will have accomplished more in four years – PDT or J J. That would be a great comparison if the media were not such bullshitters.

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