Charlie Chan on the move …..

China is collecting the world’s DNA and the reason is sinister: Gordon Chang

I made this observation as soon as COVID-19 was announced to the world.

My #suspicions may not be exactly (the scientific experiment) as have been revealed by the press. I do believe my theory is more realistic then the medias recent news release. What more of a #effective-opportunity would the Chinese government would have to:

To #thin-down (exterminate a few million people) their #grossly-overloaded-population and at the same time, #infecting the world, bringing them to their knees, giving the Chinese the upper hand in a #take-over-of-the-world, and never having to fire a shot.

Do I have a crystal ball or what??? Here we are 8 months later talking about that very same possibility.

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According to speculation and reports; China has over 80 million DNA profiles the largest DNA database in the world, and growing. In an interview with Fox News, Chang warned that China plans to use this information to create bioweapons designed to target specific ethnic groups. Never say no people. No one would have ever expected or could even conceived of Charlie Chan being so devious when he uleached Mr Corona coming on the world.

I would not surprise me if the Chinese were behind all of these Ancestry companies collecting everyone’s DNA. If so, what a clever, but diabolical move.

It is absolutely the mission of China to take over the world. What is an easier way of doing it than unleashing the invisible killer on us all.

Posted 3/03/2020

I usually follow my gut feelings. Here it is. If everyone in THE WORLD gets involved in the fight against Mr. Corona, we have a chance of defeating it sooner then later. If we have slackers and fools that do not take precautions and metaphorically continue to walk out of the head without washing their hands, we are in for a very long, ugly and disastrous battle.

There is not a question in my mind that Charlie Chan and his crew want to #takeover the #world, mainly the #USA. Exactly #how he tries it and #when he tries it is another question. One thing I can say #without #reservations; Chuck and Crew have a good-#jump on their #mission already.

In my opinion, the new guys in DC (I hate mentioning their names) are going to give Chuck a helping hand by cutting military spending, defunding police departments; in doing so make the USA more vulnerable to attack. You know; just like TMC aided and abetted the enemy when he released 151 billion to Iran, and then sent pallets full of hundred dollar bills.

Am I making this up??

Image result for obama sent pallet full of money
See the source image

U.S. paid $1.3 billion more in cash to Iran – ›

The Obama administration told lawmakers today that they paid an additional 1.3 billion in cash to Iran. CNN’s …Sep 7, 2016 · Uploaded by CNNMissing: then ‎| Must include

5 Things You Need to Know About the $400 Million America … › 2016/08/05 › money-america-iran

Aug 5, 2016 — There was a news conference about the deal, but President Obama didn’t … 5 Things You Need to Know About the $400 Million America Sent to Iran … pallets loaded not with U.S. dollars but Swiss francs, euros and other foreign currencies. … Since then, Republicans from Donald Trump to Paul Ryan have …

Investigating the Obama administration’s $400 million … – › newshour › show › investigating-ob

Where do you think TMC got the down payment on his 11.7 million dollar crib??

Barack and Michelle Obama Reportedly Close Deal for $11.75 Million Martha's  Vineyard Estate - Mansion Global

Pretty impressive for a guy that came into politics 12 years ago and was only worth 79 grand!! I hear that is what he pays his white gardner.

Donald Trump started a presidence to sever ties with China because they are so devious and untrustworthy. You can mark my word, whatever Trump built up, not only with China, J J and crew are going to tear it down.

Let me go a step further. I may even be reluctant to get the #vaccination if I know China had anything to do with making it. What easier way could the entire population of the USA or the world be knocked off than to put a slow acting poison in the vaccine.

As I always say; NEVER SAY NEVER.

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