I will give this one a big – AYSM!!!!

Trump leaves behind a hateful legacy, but Biden needs to focus on healing the nation

Trump will likely be remembered as the worst president in US history. People who detest him can take comfort in that and for him, it’s punishment enough.


Paul Brandus Opinion columnist

Here we have a fools that is judging Trump on his popularity among his enemies instead of his accomplishments.

This fool, Pauly Brandus was ignorant enough to make this statement. The Biden administration has bigger, more urgent priorities than to have the Justice Department go after soon-to-be former President Donald Trump for the crimes he has allegedly committed. Just flush his remaining cronies out of the federal government and move on. 

That same mentality should have been used in reverse with the socio/democos that literally wasted 4 years, countless hours and probably billions of dollar$ trying to hang Trump and came away with little of nothing as proof. Now; all of a sudden, these fools want to kiss and make-up. GMAFB (Give Me A Fresh Bagel).

Pauly has the nuts to call PDT one of the worst presidents in history. Back at the lad; his is probably one of the worst journals in history.

Bad president?? Now this is a bad president. BUTT because he is on the other side of the fence, they still kiss his ass.

What the hell was he thinking when he was having sex with a young, foolish, starry eyed intern that was ONLY 6 years older than Clinton’s own daughter. Now that is a bad president and a bad person.

UPDATE: 12/03/2020 @1212 hrs

A new story is detailing explosive confrontations and shady activities that allegedly took place with former President Bill Clinton and his family, including that he took a 2003 trip to the “pedophile” island of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. Now that is a bad president – a bad person and a psychopathic liar.


Has PDT made mistakes?? I will go so far as to say; he probably beat himself because of his lack of diplomacy among a few other personal issues. On the other side of the coin, his accomplishments were astronomical for such a short time in office. Just think of what he could have done if he was not at a constant war with his critics. We never saw that type of misbehavior and abuse before and never will again; UNLESS he gets elected in 2024. Heaven help us.

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