#1,000% right ….

#Student #loan #debt #forgiveness would ‘make a #mockery’ of those who already paid: Steve Forbes

The Forbes Media chairman criticizes rising tuition costs and the ‘#corrupt #gravy #train’ of money going to universities. 

Student loan #debt #forgiveness is just one more in the very long line of #bull-shit that the #socialist/democrats slung to get the vote.

I would love to list all of the golden pork chops they used to get elected and in a year, see where they are at.

Making unattainable/undoable promises is nothing new in politics, on all sides of the fence. They are all compelled to take a politics 101 bullshit class before they are allowed to run.

Bullshit 101 Part 1 | with Tom Nardone | I AM TOM NARDONE

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