There should come a point in time ….

Milwaukee County presidential recount wraps up with Biden adding to his margin over Trump

They’re trying to take our votes away’: Trump’s effort would throw out ballots from 238,000 Wisconsin voters

Just how much $oldi is PDT willing to spend before his throws his hat out of the ring?? It is almost becoming laughable. The longer he pursues his unattainable dream, the worse J J is beating him. I know his strong character, and never give up attitude is why he has been so successful. But something he fails to grasp, he got beat and should end this fruitless struggle.

The only way I could possibly see for him to continue shoveling shit into the wind, if there were some substantial/tangible proof of improprieties and the Supreme Court were to step in and settle matters. That has no happened and does not look like it will.

I would definitely like to see Donald James Trump go out with dignity instead of making a spectacle of himself.

I gotta wonder what his blood pressure readings are. Even his enemies have to admit, he is one of toughest mothers – strongest willed people on the planet.

Always, keep you head up high and never let the beast know they GOT TO YOU.

Legal experts warn Trump: Don't talk to special counsel Robert Mueller

This man has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. History will recognize PDT as one of the best in history. Just think what he could have accomplished with some co-operation.

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