Faster and exact ……..

New DOJ rules could allow firing squads, electrocution, poisonous gas for executions

These methods of sending convicted prisoners to the Land of Oz are faster – more reliable and a sure way that the job gets done right the 1st time. I would think the prisoners on death-row would be all for a change.

The Justice Department is changing protocols to allow lethal gas, electrocution and firing squad for capital punishment, as five federal prisoners are expected to be executed before Inauguration Day. 

I could never figure why the authorities and prisoners were so concerned about using a secondhand or infected needle to kill someone, if the person is going to die regardless. There was one case like that about 20 years ago.

Unfortunately, we live in a bleeding hearted society where some fools have more compassion for the criminal than the people that were the victims.

If I had to chose, I would take the AK-47 route used by some expert sharpshooters. Gone in the blink of an eye.

Missouri, Wyoming lawmakers open to allowing executions by firing squad

I know a few people I would like to see take the TEST RUN!!

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