Don’t like Roger the Dodger – you got my vote …..

The former Jet and Raider declared he is “done with the NFL” until Commissioner Roger Goodell is ousted and “radical activists” within the league stop trying to divide America.

Burgess Owens leads tight, 4-way race for the GOP nomination in 4th  Congressional District | KUTV

He said the group is geared toward forwarding commonsense conservative principles while opposing the radical agenda of The Squad — which includes progressive Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of New York City; Ayanna Pressley of Boston; Ilhan Omar of Minneapolis; and Rashida Tlaib of Detroit.

Here we have an well-educated, celebrity, stand-up black man going who is not afraid of a group of wacked out broads (The Squad) is ready, willing and able to bump heads with them.

Here's the real reason Trump is attacking 'the Squad': he's scared of their  politics | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Not even with yours!!

Secondly, he has no love for the lily-livered, obsequious, kowtowing, gutless Roger Goodell NFL commissioner that does not have the balls to rule against the kneelers who clearly have disrespected this country.

What the country needs are more people like Burgess Owens that are not sucked into the socialist/left-wing/democrats twisted way of thinking. Based on many things they do, they do not have the better interest of the USA in their forefront. Ever hear of defunding police department and cutting military spending??

My hat is off to Burgess for being the stand-up guy for the week.

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  1. Question for everyone: Why can’t the NFL just stick to football? It has been their bread and butter for quite some time. Most teams are profitable without tax breaks , (outside of the year that falls between 2019 and 2021).

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