His shroud finally came off …

Obama says some Republicans drive message that ‘White men are victims’

TMC finally put his true racist feelings out in the open. Until now, he stayed away from using the term “white-men” all together, play it safe, hiding behind guys like Eric Holder, who did TMC’s dirty work for him. Now that he feels safe and secure with his status in life, where no one can touch him, his come out in plain site from his racist closet.

When he got elected, TMC was supposed to be the healer, the guy that brought the races together. All his is a is a

Former President Barack Obama said he believes President Trump garnered more than 73 million votes this election cycle, not because of policy but because some Republicans promote a narrative of “White men are victims.” 

I have to wonder if TMC ever stopped to think, because of the whitman it is the reason he made it to Pennsylvania Ave. Without the white man’s vote, Obama would be just another suit in the chamber of the senate mooching off the government for the rest of his days.

Based on his true circumstance, being half white and half black, does one half of him side with Trump and the other half with J J?? Interesting!!

I guess I gave TMC too much credit for making a stupid racist remark like that. I thought he was smarter. Now that the socialist-democrats have a strong hold on the country; all the glove are going to come off. As I said many times before; TMC has been a wolf in sheep’s clothing for many years but kept it toned down. Now he will let it all hang out.

Mark my word; because of who got elected, this country is going to slide back to where it was when PDT got elected.

It is interesting that the socio-democrats have not tried to take the credit away from Trump for moving the vaccine at super-sonic-warp speed as he did. Without Trump’s business savvy, there would have been droves of issues that would have still been standing in the starting gates.

It would not surprise me at all; if somewhere down the line, the authorities find out that TMC had his fingers in the greed plot with the Ukraine deals and others. After All, in the Mafia, the boss always gets his cut!!

Barack and Michelle Obama Reportedly Close Deal for $11.75 Million Martha's  Vineyard Estate - Mansion Global

TMC has to get off of the white man’s case. Not to forget, he is metà e metà. Without the white man TMC would never have reaches the heights in politics as he has. .

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