Where does common-sense come into play????

Supreme Court rules against Cuomo’s coronavirus limits — with Barrett playing key role

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday night blocked New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo from reimposing strict attendance caps at worship services in areas hit hard by the novel coronavirus


Let us just suppose – let us just pretend – let us just assume – let us just play stupid for a minute (that comes very easy to some people); that by some miraculous transformation EVERYONE in the world just SAW GOD. All of a sudden everyone became super religious.

Now all of these super religious people decided they want to go to church on Thanksgiving or any other day of the year. In church where people are usually standing or sitting shoulder to shoulder; can’t put a tissue between them. By law they are allowed to attend church services. BUTTTT the same fools that write the laws tell all of the people they can not go to restaurants – bars – sporting events – even to wear a mask in their own home because of Covid-19. Where does common sense come into play???? They do not have any.

By allowing everyone to attend church services; we are keeping the door open for Mr Corona to stick around a lot longer, infect more people and take more lives.

Let take off the mask guys and admit, the main/primary reason religions want to stay functional through this pandemic; to keep them dead presidents hitting the basket.

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Look at what has been transpiring in the last dozen years with some of the so called holy men and their accomplishes. It is shameful.

What is just as shameful, the money the good hard working people are dropping in the basket is to help pay off the legal fees the churches have encountered by allowing the pedophelia condition to clandestinely exist.

Let us admit to ourselves, the majority of the bible thumpers are as bad as politicians who only tell you what you want to hear so you continue to donate.

If the Supreme Court is going to make ridiculous decisions as they do; either keep everything wide open orrrr shut down as tight as your 55 year old spinster aunts skivvies.

Common sense. Unless we all pull in the same direction, we are only shoveling shit against the tide or pissing up a rope and going nowhere.

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Let us all start using our good old common-sense we were born with, (at least most of us) when making decisions. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably is not right. Don’t be swayed one way or another based on what the idiots do.

If we conduct our lives based on opinions the Supreme Court or any other authority comes down with that do not make sense, they may put us in the grave long before our time.

I am still trying to figure out, what is so SUPREME about them?? Appointed for life?? GMAFB!!!

As hard as it may be to have a positive attitude in these harsh times; I wish everyone in the world good health and prosperity. Health first!!

Don’t be taking in by WANNA-BE holy men or crooked politicians. They are only out for themselves. Remember the Ponzi Schemes they are all running. Only the people on top of the pyramid come out the winners.

Sex Offender Ponzi Scheme – NCRSOL

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