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Dr. Richard Besser: Despite coronavirus, science is NOT telling us to close schools

When schools have the necessary resources and follow strict protocols, in-person learning has worked remarkably well.

That has been the mantra of all the expert medical folks since Mr Corona brought his brought his deadly virus to the world; including Dr. Fauci, supposedly the leading expert on viruses. If that is the way to go keeping schools open, then Dr. Besser may be correct.

The only problem is; opinions are like fat asses, mostly everyone has one. Who is right and who is wrong?? Unfortunately, when the person is right their grandstanding never ends, but when they are wrong, it is like a Chinese fire drill where people are running over one another to get out of Dodge.

Fat Ass – 1 Diabeedus – 0 | ButtercupPunch - "La clique, c'est chic!"

From a health perspective, it appears that most children fare well if infected, but they can still spread the coronavirus to higher-risk people in their homes, communities and yes, schools. But when schools have the necessary resources and follow strict protocols, in-person learning has worked remarkably well without accelerating community spread.

I did a post several weeks ago suggesting that the only people that should be sequestered are people over 65, being that they are the most prone to being attacked by the monster.

So which one of the experts do we listen to. The restriction some communities ar imposing on their people are way over the top; such as in PA, where people are ordered to wear their masks even in their own house.

The fact of the matter is; if everyone one in the world was a responsible citizen; we could kick the shit out of Mr Corona in a matter of a month. BUTT we have fools out there like the two Rabbis in NY and the bikes that attended gigantic rallies that believe the rules are ONLY for the little people. These are the fools that are allowing Mr Corona to overstay his welcome.

Let me give all of those ballsy fools a clue. COVID-19 is a lot tougher and more deadly than you will ever be. Don’t press your luck. When you press your luck, you are stepping on my toes.

It has been said in many circumstances; the fix is more deadly than the problem. Possibly the kids should stay in school.

I must say; this is one situation that has/had everyone stumped from the beginning. Still to this point in time; we really do not have 100% workable solution.

The only positive news I heard; the vaccine for the virus are supposed to begin administering in mid-December. It is going to be very interesting on how this massive undertaking will take place and better yet if it works.

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