It is all about vengeance ….

Donald Trump is no fool. He knows he lost the election; but that is a very hard pill to swallow for this man that does not like to be said no to – someone to disagree with him or likes to lose. Without a doubt; this has been the most grievous loss in his life.

There is an old saying. What has makes a person strong can also be their weakness. If PDT just knew how to control his outspokenness and be a little more diplomatic, he would have beat J J hands down. A person can always think what they want to, but can not always say what they think.

No one can change my mind. I know that Trump loves America and for the most part, everything he did was with good intentions for all Americans. I don’t give a shit what he did when the 40 year old billionaire was bar hopping. All I cared about is that he did the best job he could to try and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. That he did!!

Through the years I have always paid special attention to what a person looks like after serving 4 – 8 years as president. PDT is no exception; the punishment he took has not been good to him. He is one tough customer. There has never been a person in politics or anywhere in the business world that took a shellacking from ALL sides as he did.

Did he deserve some of it?? Absolutely, but not all. If the media and his opposition would have given him credit for his accomplishments, that would have definitely made a huge difference.

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Opinion: The lone pollster who predicted Trump's 2016 victory sees 2020  repeat

Hopefully PDT can breath a little easier in a month or so, but I have a strong suspicion, he will not go away quietly and disappear into the shadows. What he is doing now is breaking as many balls as he can before he is forced to step down.

The American people that supported J J and Car-mella will surely see the errors of their ways. Better start learning how to cook Mexican style for your new house guests.


Open Borders Under Joe Biden | Coalition for American Veterans

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