How to control the python population in Fla. ….

What do you do when your property is being invaded by hords of slithering monstrous serpents that are taking over your domain and wreaking havoc?? Naturally you kill them and make them the main course on your dinner.

A demonstration on how to handle a Burmese Python during training for the Python Challenge at the University of Florida Research and Education Center in Davie, Florida in 2012.

How would you like walking out your front door and stumble over, or having this beast crawling in bed with you?? Major heart attack.

Heart Attack Cartoon Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Back to the main course. Being that I am looking out for the best interest of the readers of the GG; I scrounged a recipe just in case you get a visitor.

I don’t know first hand, but I have been told, if cooked properly, a good old python seasoned properly and not over cooked tastes just like chicken. Too bad Colonel Sanders missed this boat.

The Life of Colonel Sanders

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Florida is considering a new strategy to cull its Burmese python population by making the invasive snake what’s for dinner. 

An initiative between the state’s wildlife conservation commission and department of health is looking at mercury levels in pythons with the possibility of issuing advisories on safely eating the Everglades scourge.

During the hard times some people in the country are going through; some free groceries would certainly be a blessing in disguise, providing your dinner does not eat you first.

If you run across one of these veracious monsters, I would recommend having a professional capture and kill it for you. Or you may turnout like this:

Indonesian Woman Dies After Being Swallowed Whole By Python | Independent  Newspapers Nigeria

The snake had to be cut open to get this lady to safety.

These monsters have been known to swallow a deer whole, antlers and all . If the snake has a good meal, they can go for up to 8 months without eating.

If you live in FLA or expecting to visit, be careful of where you walk or sit. You do not want to be Monty Python’s next meal.

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