A wise person learns by others successes and mistakes …

Europe averted a Covid-19 collapse — here’s what the US could learn ..


Can we say that some of the Europeans are more disciplined and wiser than the USA citizens?? It certainly appears that way.

We still have some fools out there that DENY – DENY – DENY the Covid-19 is for real; some of the more stubborn ones will be taking it all the way to the grave.


The people that are not playing by the rules are as bad as the Chinese that did not report the outbreak for months and consequently infected the entire earth. The people not playing by the rules are only prolonging and spreading the virus.

Wake up America; the Grim Reaper and Mr Corona, so far are winning this war.

The grim reaper hell design " iPad Case & Skin by artyrepublic | Redbubble
Mr.Corona - Home | Facebook
The Spider and the Fly (poem) - Wikipedia

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