For the doubting Thomas and Tammy …..

More people have died from Covid-19 than in the past 5 flu seasons combined. Coronavirus is much more contagious

For the doubting Thomas and Tammy; if CNN is correct (I always have my doubts), Covid-19 is 5 times more contagious, deadly and powerful than the regular flu.

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Based on this documented information, I do not know how anyone can question the severity of Covid 19.

To doubting Thomas, Tammy and all the other naysayers; Mr Corona is the real, invisible deal. Start taking him seriously. If you are too selfish and can not wrap your head around this monster, think of the others around you.

It is an absolute fact that by not playing by the rules, this THING may last forever or until all citizens get vaccinated. The vaccine can be thanks to PDT for opening the doors and cutting the red tape to allow companies to come up with a vaccine and eliminate much of the governments regulations that always slow up advancements.

Feel free to throw monkey wrenches in the false logic - Page 1 - AR15.COM
Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus and Protect Your Family | FDA

UPDATE: No serious???

Australian state enforces tough coronavirus lockdown: No outdoor exercise, only 1 person per household allowed to go out

Pennsylvania sharpens mask mandate, orders virus › article › pennsylvania-coronavirus-pand…

2 days ago — Pennsylvania is strengthening its mask mandate and will require out-of-state … Masks are now required indoors (that includes home) wherever people from different … on the public’s willingness to wear masks and stay away from each other.

And the beat goes on …..

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