The 1st X- 1st Lady had it rough ….

Michelle Obama reflects on how she put her anger aside for a peaceful transition

My question is, what was she so anger about?? In my opinion, she should have been elated to be the 1st black 1st lady in history. Are these people that get elected to public office or their family members supposed to receive special treatment?? I guess it depends on who you ask.

The thing that I remember so vividly about Michelle Obama was in her breakout speech expounding on; that it was the first time in her life she felt proud to be an American.

It should be the responsibility of all elected officials and their family members to become an example to ALL the American people not just the chosen few, not to grind the axe they have been sitting out for years. Taking sides or having favorites is not what politics SHOULD be all about. It was crystal clear that the Obama’s came into office with a vengeance.

Everyone should be entitled to they opinions, but is not necessary to say everything they think. I think that very thing was one of the nails PDT pounded in his own coffin and kept him from getting reelected.

I’m trying to figure out what anger did Mrs. O have that she have to put aside??

Obama added that she and President Barack Obama had invited Trump staff to their offices and their staff members had provided detailed memos and insight from their experiences. She confessed in her Monday post: “None of this was easy for me. Donald Trump had spread racist lies about my husband that put my family in danger. That wasn’t something I was ready to forgive.”

It should not be a mystery how much, off the richter scale abuse PDT received for 4 years from all sides, even his own party?? Do I think he should have a hard-on for all of his adversaries and cooperate with them as little as possible?? Absolutely!!

On the other side of the coin, at some point and time, reality has to set in and he has to GIVE IT UP and turnover the keys the Casa Bianca’s front door to J J and he knows that. He is just trying to get his pound of flesh.

Conspiracy theory: This is providing he can prove that foreign countries had a hand in rigging the computers that counted the votes. If there is the slightest chance that it can be proven, PDT should hold out as long as necessary.

As far as Mrs. O anger goes, I would have to say; whatever she was angry about was unfounded. I think overall the X-1st Lady had a very pleasant experience while her old man was in office.


Michelle Obama gets paid a $200,000 speaker fee – Business … › Politics › Strategy

Apr 29, 2017 — Michelle Obama is being paid a stunning amount for speaking gigs that … “Barack and I have been in public service our whole lives,” she told …

Not bad considering; if she was not the 1st lady, she probably would have rough time putting that kind of crowd together willing to pay that much to hear her speak, if any at all.

Count your blessings!!

This is another corker for you. How bad are we supposed to fell for the lady?? Yes the same one and her hubby that look down on the wealthy and have a disdain for them.

The Obamas just inked a book deal for more than $65 million … › obama-book-dea

Mar 1, 2017 — Barack Obama’s book will be a “straightforward memoir about his … Former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama announced Tuesday that they have each inked book deals with Penguin Random House — after a … not available on how much each author will receive individually).

Gotta sell a lot of books to make up that kind of $oldi!!

By the time the final chips are counted, the Obama’s will go away with Billion$, not millions, billion$ more than when TMC got elected.

In 2012 TMC was worth between 50 – 100 G’s.

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