Purposely or purposely …. Whose side was/is he on …..

How Obama-era budget controls have hurt US military readiness against growing China, Russia, Iran threats


I said it for years; whose side is TMC on anyway?? Based on some of the nonsensical, irrational, foolish, purposely, deliberate decisions he made while in office, truly put the USA in military jeopardy. Why would anyone make those kinds of deadly mistakes unless they were playing on the other team??

Cutting the military budget to shreds – releasing 151 BBBBillion dollar$ to Iran – $elling arms to the Mexicans – $ending a pallet loaded with ca$h (400 million) to Iran just before he got his hat; those are just some of what we know about. ANDDDDD; he has the balls to bust Trump’s balls!!!

Pallet of Cash - HoustonChronicle.com

The question still remains; whose side is the guy on anyway?? TMC is supposed to be an intelligent man?? Intelligent men or women do not do the stupid things he did unless they are deliberate.

Adding to the woes, as per the report, is the notion that the U.S. military has been constrained by the spending limits imposed by the Obama-era Budget Control Act of 2011, such that “repairing itself from the toll on people, materials, munitions, and equipment of 20 years of counter-terrorism operations has consumed nearly every dollar it has been allocated, leaving little real money for development of new capabilities, and certainly limited its ability to expand incapacity.”

Take a wild guess which way J J’s administration is going to go. The entire democratic/socio/lefters party are out to destroy the USA by force-feeding/enforcing their liberal mentality on the government.

We never go to a gunfight with a stick. While the USA was cutting it’s military to shreds under the TMC administration, Russia – China – N Korea and Iran are putting every last ruble they have into building their military up.

Only a fool would not recognize the disparity there. TMC would have to be making those decisions on purpose. Talk about grounds for impeachment. Personally, what TMC did for the enemy, I would classify as aiding and abetting. The man purposely financed the enemy in their war against the USA. There is no other way to view it.

Aiding the enemy. (2) without proper authority, knowingly harbors or protects or gives intelligence to, or communicates or corresponds with or holds any intercourse with the enemy, either directly or indirectly; shall suffer death or such other punishment as a court-martial or military commission may direct.

Aid and comfort refers to help given by someone to a national enemy in such a way that the help amounts to treason. Article 3, Section 3, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution declares, that adhering to the enemies of the United States, giving them aid and comfort, shall be treason.

If it looks like a rat – smells like a rat – acts like a rat …….

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