Who the hell did you think J J was going to TAP; Melania Trump????

Biden HUD secretary frontrunner praised top communist as her ‘mentor’


She previously praised deceased Cuban leader Fidel Castro

Dudes and dudesses; many of the people out there do not see the severity/dangers of having these socio-democrats/commies running the government. It is too late now; we are stuck for four years and beyond. Take my word for it; this is just the tip of the icepick. Once they are entrenched, they are never going to give up the ship. They are going to load up the government with all of the far-left/socio-communist wack-jobs and destroy what is LEFT of our democracy.

In 2017, Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., eulogized Oneil Marion Cannon, a top member of the Communist Party USA for decades, calling him a “friend and mentor.” 

Rep. Karen Bass on being Biden’s potential VP pick: ‘I am prepared to do the job’

She could get away with making those remarks because she is a black female politician. What if Trump would have made a comment like that?? Tarred, feathered and a ride on a pole.

Hold on to your sky-pieces and bonnets, this is going to be a very bumpy ride as the puppet show gains steam. Whether or not anyone wants to admit/recognize it, we are witness the demise of the USA as we once knew it.

Next will be The Hunter Biden for the secretary of the treasury.


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