Listen to Kenny ….

Trump plans to revive campaign-style rallies as he pursues legal challenges to election results

President Trump is planning to bring back his large-scale rallies that were a hallmark of his presidential run, but these will be focused on his “ongoing litigation” as he challenges the results of last week’s election.

Despite these efforts, Trump aides and allies have acknowledged privately the legal fights would — at best — forestall the inevitable, and some had deep reservations about the president’s attempts to undermine faith in the vote. But they said Trump and a core group of allies were aiming to keep his loyal base of supporters on his side even in defeat.

The numbers are just to great and insurmountable.

CandidatesElectoral votesVote %Vote count
Joe BidenDemocratic Party29050.7%75,404,182
Donald TrumpRepublican Party21447.7%70,903,094

In true Trump style/fashion; for whatever dives the man, ego or otherwise, there is no quit or surrender in his DNA.

Just like in the boxing movie, (I think it was Jake LaMotta) when he eye was swollen shut and he could not see, he told his corner to cut the eye and drain the swelling so he could continue. That is what PDT is all about, never quit.

Be that as it may; at some point in time, the light bulb has to go off and the person has to become more logical and realistic, see the handwriting on the wall, and know when to hold and know when to fold. I think FOLDEN TIME has arrived for President Trump. He put up one hell of a fight. Not even his staunches enemies can call PDT a quitter.

I still say; if The Man had a little more diplomacy and polish, and Mr Corona did not come to town, he would have beat J J easily. It was just not meant to be that Donald James Trump serve two terms as President of the USA. History will show, despite his hang-ups, and idiosyncrasies he did a phenomenal job serving the people.

MESSAGE to the Commander-in-Chief: PDT listen to Kenny and save yourself any more grief than you have already.

This picture tells the very sad story.

Voting for Trump through gritted teeth - POLITICO

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