Even the camel jockeys are smarter than the American people …

Iran calls US election a ‘spectacle,’ says it is a clear sign of ‘decline’

Iran responded to the announcement of Joe Biden as the projected U.S. president-elect with ridicule, but reports indicate the Middle East nation ultimately sees President Trump‘s loss as a positive. 

It is their positive, not the USA’s. Now all of the foreign governments around the world can start back where they left off when the main socialist TMC was in the Big Chair, and continue to use and abuse the USA as a doormat and a cash cow.

The fools that elected J J over PDT are going to regret that day. For many years, the smart money was in favor of having a businessman as the prez instead of a crooked BAU politician. When they finally got what they wanted, they panicked because the new guy was not going to play by the GOOD OLD BOYS rules. Only the problem being, this renegade of a president was not a team player and thumbed his nose at many people he dealt with. His strengths became his weaknesses.

I said way back when. The only person that could beat Trump in the election was himself and I was right. Not only did he have to live with some of his other disorderly conduct mistakes, he kept them up until the very end with his name calling and insults. Not a very smart move for a very successful man. One would think he would know better. To make matters worse and push him over the already slippery slope, Mr. Corona came to town. His adversaries jumped on that puppy and rode it for all it was worth.

Now is the time to stop the lip service and see what miracles J J is going to come up with. He broke Trump’s balls for year, always the Monday Morning Quarterback, now the shoe of responsibility is on the other foot.

Through it all PDT managed to keep his wits about him, even though he was being bombarded from all sides. He is one hell of a man with a constitution like no other.

What PDT worked so hard to do (his achievements were many) these fools coming into office are going to destroy in short order. One of my deepest concerns after the economy is the military. They are going to fall back on what their leader TMC did, cut the military (the only thing that has kept us from being invaded) and make the USA weaker than it has ever been. That is what the FLOWER CHILDREN and the ultra liberal mentality is. Car-mella happened to be the most liberal fool in politics. This is why Iran and the others are sharpening their swords.

bush satoor knife sharpen sword iran iraq hamas jihad hezbbollah usa war  terror speech 02-01-31

I hope for the sake of the USA and all of it’s good people I am wrong about J J and Car-mella. If I were a betting man, I would bet the farm on their destruction of the USA.

Time will tell.

I would like to commend/congratulate Donald James Trump for all he accomplished he made in a very short time as president. He is a phenomenal man and a great person, a super patriot WHO/THAT NEVER GOT IT. He definitely was a great asset to the USA. He will always go down in my book as one of, if not, the best of the best. He just did not have any self control. His greatest strength was also his biggest weakness.

Donald Trump trademarked 'Make America great again' - Business Insider

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