Makes a person kind of wonder ….

I have been saying this all the way back to 2016. Makes a person kind of wonder if The Man really wanted/wants to be president.

Any normal person (The Donald certainly is not the run of the mill guy) would not say or do the things that he says and does IFFFFF, they were really sincere about winning an election or popularity contest. Many of his unfiltered explosions could certainly have cost him the election. That is the way it looks now, unless a Miracle happens on 47th street happens.

The latest barrage of insults or no-no’s is when he said he may fire Fauci if he got elected and called him an idiot, including all of Fauci’s associates. Getting the nod does not look like a possibility now.

Does this sound like a person that is supposed to be making himself appealing to the public??

I ask you; how many ladies did that turn off?? When we compile all of his off-the-wall remarks, I would estimate he insulted millions of people before and while he was in office. Then, many of these times he insisted he never said that; while it was on video.

Is this Donald just being Donald or just a very foolish person that never learned the fine art of diplomacy. We can thing whatever we want, but only a foolish person says everything he or she thinks.

If I were a betting man; I would bet Donald Trump’s very aggressive – bold and outspoken mannerisms is what will, if not already cost him the election.

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I was hoping for the sake of the country he would have run out of ammo and toned back his dialog. It never happened. Percentage wise, he made a great president and he would have continued to be a great president.

I hope when all the votes are final, he can return to The Big Chair once again. As of now, it doesn’t look good.

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Just for the record; I did 20 posts relevant to The Donald not using good judgement.


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Lets hope for the sake of the country that miracle on 47th street comes in. If not J J and his boss Car-mella, in short order, will destroy everything Trump did in the last four years.

I wonder if JJ hired his food tester yet?? He will need one.

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