They are all full of shit …..

The 2016 election turmoil hadn’t even settled down yet – all the votes were not even counted – the shock of her LOSS to The Donald didn’t even sink into CHC thick skull – Cuomo didn’t even get the bill for the 200 rooms he booked for the victory celebration he had to eat – and the fools that call themselves prognosticators were already standing on their soap boxes with their 2020 presidential election predictions and to this very day, are still drawing straws, still are running their mouth not knowing any more now than they did then.

Best of all, it took all that time for the Dumb-o-crats to make a choice like J J (Jokin Joe) Biden. If they plan their strategy the right way, grease his palm enough, possibly Hunter Biden will be THEIR GUY in 2024.

Folks, I will guarantee you that in 2024 …….

Here we are 4 years later, one day before the election and the fools still can not come up with a positive winner.

I want to know how I can land a job as a professional bull-shitter, make big money and never have to be right. Must be nice. It can be compared to a weatherman in Arizona – 50% chance of it to rain and 50 % chance it won’t. He tapes them 2 years in advance.

Take my word for it; November 4th 2020, the fools will be putting out there picks, predictions/speculations for the 2024 race. It is never ending. GMAFB from those annoying TV commercials.

Ex-Trump 2016 campaign manager says president in ‘better shape right now than we were four years ago’ in key states

SUSAN MOLINARI: Why Republicans from across the country — including me — are coming together in support of Biden

LIZ PEEK: Liberal media think they’re helping Biden, but really they’re helping Trump win four more years. Here’s how

Pollster who predicted Trump’s ’16 win makes 2020 prediction

The stock market has made its prediction about who will win

Analysis: This is how Donald Trump gets to 270

I am not a swami, clairvoyant or a fortune teller. If I was I would be a very rich man. What I am is a hopeful, patriotic American wanting the best choice between the two to win the election. I have no doubt in my mind, as bad as he can be at times, Donald James Trump is THE GUY to vote for. Look at what J J accomplished in 47 years, then look at what PDT did in just 4. No comparison.

Gunatitanand Swami - Wikipedia

Whatever it is that drives THE MAN (only he knows) he, no one can accuse him of being a slacker.

Summary of Let Trump Be Trump: The Inside Story of His Rise to the  Presidency by Corey R. Lewandowski - Audiobook | Listen Instantly!


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1 Response to They are all full of shit …..

  1. Interesting. Trumps outrageous declaration of victory in the middle of the night , demanding counting the of votes be stopped is just another clear indication that he is unstable And unfit.

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