What do you want ????

Do you want a president and vice pres-e-dentist that is not willing to acknowledge that is lawless exists; they refused call this rioting and looting until they were shamed into it??

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Image result for rioting burning buildings
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Or do you want a law and order president as we have with Donald Trump??

The country is very lucky if all the cops don’t walk off the job. How can they wake up everyday knowing that rioting and looting is the best it will be that day. I would not want their job.

I do agree 1,ooo% that the black people have a legitimate gripe about police brutality; but who in their right mind would sanction this type of lawlessness as being justified??

I don’t know what kind of degenerates approve of this despicable activity. If it is not brought under control and soon, along with Mr Corona, they are going to destroy this entire country.

I say the time has long past for the authorities to take the KID GLOVES off and start retaliating in kind. I don’t see any other way to bring law and order back to the streets. Downside; it probably will result in an all out war. Between a rock and a hard place.

As much as I deplore what is going on in these cities, I am more dumbfounded by some rogue cops that STILL have not got the message. The actions a very few are destroying the country. Not all, but in many of these cases of abuse and death, there could have been other methods of apprehending the criminal. I was under the assumption that is why the taser was invented. But if you live in Cleveland, Ohio where to city has run out of tasers to give the cops, what good are they??

There are so many alternatives to apprehending a criminal, but if they are not implemented, what good are they? Shooting a person in the back that is running away is not one of them. WTF are these cops think?? From what I can see, NOTHING!!

Then we have the big issue of reducing the crimes. No crime, no cops, no abuse. This topic seems to be off base for discussion with many of the people in the black community. They know what the root of the problem is, but refuse to acknowledge it.

Even as much as dislike Eric Holder, he once said, People are afraid to talking about race relations. If issues are not brought into the open, how can they be resolved.

One other VERY BIG factor in putting an end to this destruction. The bastards that are financing the riot have to be sought out, arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay for the rest of the ir lives. Cut off the funds (cut off the beast head and the body dies) the rioting will end.

You have a headache, you take an aspirin – you break your arm, you put a cast on it – you spill the milk, you wipe it up – you go to the doctor with a problem, they prescribe a medication and you take it. We get the message. Unless we take the appropriate actions, the problem is never solved. What is the use of going to the doctor if we do not take their advice??

The is absolutely no excuse for these renegades to loot – kill – burn and destroy. They are taking advantage of a situation just an excuse to perpetuate their own criminal activities.

How does this looter stealing a washing machine have anything to do with the abuse and killing of a black man?? GMAFB

Philadelphia looter brazenly steals 'WASHING MACHINE' from store as  violence and vandalism erupt for second night

Getting high tech or he probably stole the dolly too.

There is a lot of work to be done by a lot of people in many directions if these social fires are ever going to be brought under control. Looting – burning and killing is not the answer.

What the hell are the little kids thinking when they see this kind of misbehavior by people that are supposed to be setting an example for them. Fast forward 5 – 10 years and ask yourself; why is this kid out of control as he is??

Folks, we reap what we sow. We only get out of life what we put into it?? Make the right choices. Be the leader not the follower. The fools that are playing follow the leader with the rioters, are as stupid as the sheep.

In 2005 in Turkey, a suicide sheep jumped off a cliff and 1500 sheep  followed the first one

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