Vote using the fact, not by being sucked in by JJ & Car-mella …

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell: Biden has done nothing for Black community ‘other than insulting’ them

‘I’ve been a civil rights attorney for 30 years and I don’t know anything Joe Biden has done,’ Terrell says on Fox Nation show

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell: Biden has done nothing for Black  community 'other than insulting' them | Fox News

The gullibility of some people is astounding. The JJ – Car-mella backers are the same fools that still believe in the tooth fairy at age 45 – still put out cookies and milk on Christmas Eve for Santa – still believe that rabbits lays Easter eggs – looking for the end of the rainbow for the pot of gold and still believe their old man was out all night playing cards with the boys!!

I try to evaluate the majority of my life decisions using good common-sense, by what is real and not what some Snake Oil hustler is trying to sell me. Possible I happen to be one of the lucky ones that was born with that gift. There are millions, maybe billion of fools that are just the opposite.

Anyone that can look at JJ (Jokin Joe) Biden and evaluate what he was and hasn’t done while in politics and not smell a rat is one of the fools I am mentioning above. The guy is a stone bum – liar – bullshitter – thinks he is god gift to women – very deceptive and deceitful. Why so many people can not see thru his smoke screen is mind-boggling.

Possibly it is not that so many people are taken in by the bum, but their unfounded hatred for Trump is floats their boats. It is the same as someone that is afraid to speak about race issues; they think their peers will shit can them. They want to be accepted and liked. I feel sorry for the pathetics. That has NEVER been one of my concerns.

Trump has done more in less than four years than J J has done in 47 years in politics. It is all there in black and white to for everyone to see, but they refuse to open their eyes.

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell is telling it like it is. He looks back on J J’s history and readily see that Biden is just the run of the mill bull-shitting politician that lies like a rug and is all about deception. He only has any use for the black community when election time rolls around.

If nothing else demonstrates what and who he is was the statement he made during the last debate. He categorically said:

DEBATE RECAP: Final Debate For Trump And Biden [VIDEO ……

Oct 22, 2020 · BIDEN: “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source in my life.” That’s right he took it from Hunter who took it from the foreign source Cmon man!


Wake up fools on that side of the fence. The man has been a thief most of his political career. If he stole as much as he did from the 2nd seat, just think what he can steal for The Big Chair. Let us not give him the opportunity on election day.

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