Admission and possibly a slip of the lip ……

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden jokingly introduced himself as Sen. Kamala Harris‘ running mate during the beginning of his stump speech in Atlanta on Tuesday.

“Folks, my name is Joe Biden, and I’m Jill Biden’s husband and I’m Kamala’s running mate,” he quipped during his second campaign stop in Georgia. “Y’all think I’m kidding don’t you?” 

Is J J Jokin about his lapses of memory or is he coming up front acknowledging there is a long range plan for him to be the sacrificial lamb that will, someway, somehow be taken to the slaughter house??

Food for thought.

I do not want to throw in the towel for PDT, although his numbers (if you believe them) have not looked very good lately. It was the same thing in the last election, but this time there is some much more happening that is putting nails in his coffin.

One such element is Trump himself; then comes Mr Corona – riots – racial divide – the economy, most of which he had no control over, just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Many people fault Trump for his handling of COVID-19 and I may agree with them to some extent. It was months before he would wear a mask in public. Did not acknowledge it’s existence for a couple of months Not setting a good example as the commander-in-chief.

Lets face it; COVD-19 is monster/invisible killer no one knew anything about. It is so easy for the back-stabbers sit back, after the fact, and say; he should of did this, he should of did that. It is extremely easy to be a Sunday morning quarterback.

I said way back when; the only person that will beat Trump is Trump himself. By many of his inappropriate actions and comments he has done just that. I still cannot believe that a person who has achieved what he has in personal life, in some areas he is unpolished and out of touch with reality. Most of his hang-ups are ego driven.

I used to say this about a dear friend of mine; how can he be so good and so bad at the same time??

Donald James Trump is a very complex man. He has a multitude of very fine qualities about him, but on the other side of the coin, does not know when to come out of the rain.

Be that as it may; I still support PDT for the presidency. The American people have no idea what can of worms they will open if they elect Car-mella as president and J J (Jokin Joe) as vice president. They are the fools it took months of rioting – destruction – bombing and killing before they would acknowledge that it existed. They called it peaceful demonstrating.

You want law and order, vote for Trump. You want constant conflict to go unanswered, vote for Car-mella and J J. All I will say this about door # 2, be careful of what you wish for. We know what we have in Trump – the other side is a complete mystery. J J had 47 years to make a move, now all of a sudden, he is coming out, make all of his wrongs right.


Don’t believe all the bull-shit and empty promises they sling; they will say or do anything to get into the Casa Bianca. At least, PDT will tell you right up front he has no use for you. That in-itself is something to be admired. Possibly he is too honest to a fault. : Homissor Donald Trump for President Flag 3x5 Ft- Keep America  First Flag Banner for Outdoor Indoor- Trump Thumbs Up Throw : Garden &  Outdoor
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