Don’t count your crows before they are defeathered ….

How does that crow taste folks. Ask anyone one of the fools in the video if they will admit defeat and guess what their answer will be.

Eating Crow: Xbox One Edition – Your Momma's Basement
I told them sons-a-bitches I would rather eat pigeon

Keep the salt and pepper handy fools, you will be needing it.

I love this one. Being overly optimistic or stupid, no one showed up when CHC got stomped and Cuomo got stuck with the bill.

Cuomo booked 200 hotel rooms for Clinton inauguration … › 2016/12/18 › cuomo-booked-200-hotel-..

Dec 18, 2016 — When Donald Trump won the election, Cuomo was stuck, so he had a staffer call Ed Cox, chairman of New York’s Republican Party, and offer …

Cuomo booked 200 hotel rooms for Clinton inauguration | Page Six

It did not take long for the smiles to turn to frowns and the laughter turn to tears. They all went home with their tails between their legs.

Let us hope for a repeat performance.

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