Do we roll the dice or not ?????

The comments by White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on CNN on Sunday alarmed medical experts who argue that letting the coronavirus rage unchecked is akin to a policy of herd immunity that will cost many thousands of lives.

Depending on who we talk to, some people/experts think it is a better approach to killing off Mr Corona using the herd immunity approach is the right way to go.

Herd immunity occurs when enough people become immune to a disease to make its spread unlikely. As a result, the entire community is protected, even those who are not themselves immune. Herd immunity is usually achieved through vaccination, but it can also occur through natural infection.

According to some experts, they feel if everyone is infected by the virus, when their infection time passes, the people that were infected will become immune. Sooner or  later, after everyone has been infected and and the monster has ran the gamut, mankind will no longer be susceptible to catching COVID 19 again.

From what I read, the people that are most vulnerable are the ones in their 60s and 70s and especially the ones with poor health. A very small percentage, possibly 2% of the population younger people beat it without any difficulty. Some of them may have the virus and not even know it.

I think it is a despicable move on the most of the media’s part to overplay/exaggerate the severity of this condition just for the sake of making Donald Trump look bad, being detrimental to his chances of getting reelected.

Of all the people I know, I do not know of anyone that has contracted COVID 19.

Like my cousins in West Virginia would say; our country and the world are between a rock and a hard place . We are damned if we do and we are damned if we don’t.

Sometime/many times in life it becomes necessary to roll the dice and hope your right number comes up. In my opinion, overall Donald Trump it’s not 100% wrong. But due the severity of this monster, everyone is afraid to take such a dramatic stance. Only time will tell.

We are at the mercy of this invisiblekiller. I coined that when Mr Corona first came to town.

As you can see, I did this post months ago.

Best wishes for good health to all mankind. If we all ban together with all of the difficulties the world is going through, we have a better chance of beating all of these monsters.

Strength in Unity : inspirationalquotes

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