If you want it bad enough, no matter who you are …..

Hiram Figueroa

Director Of Operations – Hiram Figueroa

I want to thank SgtMaj Robin Fortner for a lustrous military career. For 30 years, this Marine stood the watch protecting this great nation. Robin has too many career highlights to list, but I will mention a couple. She was the first African-American U.S. Marine female to be appointed as the Sergeant Major of 2nd Law Enforcement Battalion and the first to be appointed as the Director of Marine Corps University Staff Non-Commissioned Officers Academy.

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This is one BAD ASS female Jar Head!!

No matter who you are – where you came from – who your daddy and mommy are – what your skin color is – if you want something bad enough, there is nothing beyond your reach or dreams!!! Sgt. Fortner is living proof of that.

I am absolutely positive, this dignified lady did not have an easy task of getting to where she is in the Corps. Let alone being a lady in a man’s dominated world, she also had her heritage to contend with. Those funny talking southern-boys, the drill instructors, can be as nasty as nasty can be. Take my word for it.

That is when how much back bone and perseverance a person has comes into play. She had her eyes on a goal, put her mind to it and did what she had to to accomplish her MISSION IMPOSSIBLE


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