Dementia must be spreading ….

Kamala Harris caught on hot mic checking rally location: ‘Are we in Cleveland?’

Car-mella was caught on a hot mike asking one of her aides what city they were in. That should make the people feel pretty inadequate when the visitor forgets who they came to visit.

A few months ago, Car-mella’s partner in crime J J got the two ladies on the stage with him mixed up. He mistook his wife for his mother. One of the spectators yelled out; your wife is the one you sleep with J J. BUTT in that family they have to choose their words carefully.

As the old saying goes; when a person lives with a cripple, they soon begin to limp.

Hunter Biden reveals drink and drugs sprees, new marriage but says business  deals are above-board | Daily Mail Online
If this is not shameful, I don’t know what is – his dead brothers wife – for the record, J J 100% approved of the arrangement

Twitter Reacts To Hunter Biden’s Incestuous Relationship With … › 2017/03 › twitter-reacts-to-h…

It’s been confirmed that Biden’s son, Hunter, is dating the widow of his late brother, Beau. Widow Hallie Biden and Hunter started a romantic bond following the …

With their memories failing them more and more frequently; maybe the twosome better start writing important information in the palm of their hands, like they did in school when they were cheating.

Motivational Palm Messages : Writing Advice
What is today’s date????

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