Praise from the enemy ….

Tapper tapped into something

Rob Smith: Enthusiasm among Black voters is 'just not there' for Biden

During a panel discussion on Friday, CNN anchor Jake Tapper slammed the president for remarks he made during the final presidential debate, including saying he’s “done more” for the Black community than any president with the “possible exception of Abraham Lincoln” and how he declared himself as the “least racist” person in the room. 

In a very unusual turn of events, (telling it like it is) Jake Tapper a news anchor for CNN gave PDT a hell of an endorsement, whether he intended to or not. This is one of the only things Trump has ever wanted from the get-go; respect and credit for his accomplishments.

Donald Trump: Kick my ass if I get out of line, but acknowledge the good things I have done.

I hope there are a lot more people on all sides of the fence that can look past Trump’s shortcomings that are doing a number on him and recognize all the good he has done. Look at him like our big brother we dearly love, but hate a lot of foolish things he does.

The most positive thing Trump has going for him is his love for the USA and the determination to set it on the right track once again.

On the other side of the coin, J J is only in it for himself. Can we imagine, if he could steal as much as he did sitting in the 2nd seat, just think what he could do from THE BIG CHAIR!!


If there is one thing J J (Jokin Joe) said that will always stick with me; aside from all of the corruption surrounding him, the lies the deceit. The other night on the debate he said he has NEVER accepted one penny from any foreign country in his 47 years in politics. GMAFB!!

If there was an award for the most egregious lie ever told, J J would win the bull-shitters artist hands down,

▻ David Barton: Today's “Bullshit” Award Winner
JJ Biden – I make some of the best cow pies in politics

Hats off to Jake Tapper for having the nuts to tell it like it is.

Hats off to you sir!!

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