Another unwanted gift from across the pond …

Washington state bug hunters find first ever Asian giant ‘murder hornets’ nest in US

Washington state bug hunters have located the first-ever Asian giant hornet nest in the U.S., it was announced Friday.

It appears that Asia has put the Maloochi on the USA once again. First they sent us Mr Corona that is devastating the entire country as well as the world, now they sent us the killer hornets. These critters are so BAD ASS, they are called murder hornets. Does that paint a picture??

I ma snd a you a two a Maloochi – Va fon gool Charlie Chan
Charlie Chan

It takes only a small number of the aggressive hornets to wipe out an entire honey bee hive in a matter of hours. Their sting can be extremely painful to humans.

The authorities better nip these killer hornets in the bud before they get too overpopulated and out of control. I know, the wild life do-gooder/tree huggers will be out in volumes trying to protect the monsters from being exterminated .

Look at it like this folks; either we get them first or they will get us. This will be the NEXT THING that will keep the Washingtonians locked up in doors if not exterminated.

This gotta be one in a long line of treachery Charlie Chan and his clan have planned in their quest to take over the USA.

Never say Never.

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  1. They couldn’t use napalm?

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