All the WORMS all sold their souls ….

If this is not a telltale sign of the future if the far left gets in, I don’t know what is!! The handwriting is on the wall. Once they get control, they will ONLY tell us what they want us to know and have complete dominance of the INFORMATION HIGHWAY.

The two most dangerous things on the planet, Twitter and Facebook are definitely as far left as they can possibly get. When the social medias get to the point where they have enough power to pick and choose what they publish, it was all downhill from there. They are supposed to be neutral social media organizations, not DICK-TATORS of the truth.

I have never been on my life witnessed partiality to this extent. If anyone who would have ever have ever told me these entities would have as much power and influence as they do, I don’t think I would have ever believed it. They have become super-powerful and are part of the bog plan to takeover the USA.

They are all another spoke in the wheel of the Political Ponzi Scheme that I so frequently referred to. At the end of the day the only people that benefit from the Political Ponzi Scheme are birds that are sitting on top branches of the pyramid. All of the rest of the suckers and fools below them are the ones that are getting shit-on by their empty promises.

Corporate Life | I Am Not A Number

Anyone that does not believe this conglomeration of anti Americans are out to overthrow our democratic government and presently of living, I have a lot more swampland for sale at bargain basement prices.


Along with the other bandits Twitter and Facebook, the giant of the industry Google has also jumped on the bandwagon as to what they will publish and what they want to suppress from the public. I think it is disgraceful these medias that are supposed to be neutral/impartial and report information in a professional accurate – truthful manner and not skirting the issue. They are only reporting what is beneficial to JJ and Car- mella.

Louis Farrakhan, Richard Spencer, Ali Khamenei, Maduro, O.J. Simpson have more freedom on Twitter than the New York Post. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

This is proof of their favoritism toward the left. The people in this photo have not been barred from Twitter and Facebook publishing their propaganda. So what does it show us; these social networks have more regard for murderers – terrorist and anti Americans then they do for law-abiding American citizens.

Unlike like the news media that has an open book to report and twist issues as they see fit; the social media should be neutral.

I find it amazing and preposterous that anyone can have as much animosity toward one person as these people do.

Just like a politician that takes office; it is their responsibility to govern with impartiality and treat all of the citizens they represent in equal and fair manner. As we know that is not the case.

Ask most of the black community what TMC did for them when he was in office.

Ladies and gents, the good law abiding citizens are playing against a stacked deck. I have never seen any group of fools with this much animosity toward one person, as I have seen Donald Trump.

Whether anyone wants to believe it or not; this entire vendetta is all about money power and control rather then disliking the man’s personality and what he does.

Ever since CHC got her ass in the election, the lefters took a blood oath to destroy Donald Trump and to undermine anything and everything that he does and stands for.

Does the man have multiple problems? I would agree to that. But I personally think if Trump was treated fairly from the beginning, we would have seen entirely different person sitting in The Big Chair. How the hell does anyone expect a normal person to react they are constantly getting attacked from all sides?  

Anyone it does not see this or admit this condition exists they have their head buried in the sand.

If vice president Joe Biden and president Car-mella gets their foot in the door,  it will be all downhill from there. Their Political Ponzi scheme will be in full force where only the top birds will reap the benefits.  

Open your eyes and ears and listen and see the truth. What other reasons would the Big Three – Google – Twitter and Facebook want to suppress information about JJ and The Brat if they were not sure the findings would be detrimental to the cause??

I know I sound like a parrot repeating the same thing over and over. As bad as Donald Trump is in some areas, the corruption and criminal activities J J and some of his family have been involved in make Donald Trump look like The APPRENTICE.

Every "You're fired!" ever (The Apprentice) - YouTube


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